Transformation through NLP


Being diagnosed with cancer can be a devastating experience. An individualís sense of identity can be consumed by the disease and their belief system torn to shreds.

Bernard Turgeon was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1994 and was told that he had, possibly, four years to live. Since then Bernard has earned a diploma in Hypnotherapy from Concordia University and a Master Practitioner in Health and Well-Being in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the University of Santa Cruz and he is more active and happier than ever.

Cancer is a disease not a death sentence.

The workshop is geared to individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, their friends and family as well as their care providers. Using the tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, participants will learn how to dissolve fear, stress and anguish. Using these tools participants will learn how to regain self worth, self esteem, IDENTITY…and, vitally, your SELF. Learn how the logical levels—environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs/values and identity—can transform one’s life and allow arrival at a Desired State.

Mr. Turgeon has acted as a Consultant in NLP for actors, singers, athletes, teachers, professors, doctors, physiologists, children, people with cancer, heart disease, smoking, and alcoholism.

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